About ISASC 2017


Science Technologies, Humanities and Social Sciences for Sustainable Development of Indonesia


The objectives of this conference are

  1. To understand the roles of science technologies, human cultural (humanities) and social sciences in the pursuit of sustainable development of Indonesia.
  2. To build international scientific cooperation and research partnership.
  3. To build a relationship between students and researchers in order to enhance the research and development capabilities.
  4. To share experience and build scientific communication.
  5. To communicate the research progress from diverse research fields in order to support a sustainable development of Indonesia.


Event Description

The activities of the ISASC-2017 will involve a scientific communication, such as how science technologies, human cultural (humanities) and social sciences could contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These activities will be divided into two parts: 1) General lectures from invited speakers and 2) Oral presentation section.

1) General lectures from invited speakers

The first section will talk about the role of science technologies, human cultural (humanities) and social sciences for sustainable development generally. The topic will focus on the exploration of global change for humanity, the ecological problem caused by human economic, environmental compatibility and the important role of sciences for sustainable development. The invited speakers include Indonesian statesman and Japanese professor.

2) Oral presentation section

Authors of all accepted abstracts are invited to present their reserach in this section. This section would be divided into four groups based on the sub-theme of this conference: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Chemical Biology, Material Sciences and Engineering Recourses, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Fruitful discussions and update of reserach progress in the fields aforementioned are expected from this section in order to bring the benefits of sciences in the pursuit of sustainable developtment of Indonesia.


All researchers, students, institution members, and so on are welcome to participate in the ISASC 2017

Place, Venue, and Time

The conference will be held in Icho-Kaikan Hall, Osaka University in Suita Campus at October 21st, 2017.

   Icho-kaikan hall building (A) and conference situation in the main hall (B)


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